Uzuklar Hukmdori

Uzuklar Hukmdori, Lord of the Rings (Uzbek)

Uzuklar Hukmdori (Uzbek), purchased on-line from azeribay, Baku, on ebay in 2021 (hardback)

Tolkien, J.R.R. Uzuklar Hukmdori. Translated by Shokir Zokirovich Solimov. Vol. 1, Uzuklar Birodarligi. Ilm-ziyo-zakovat, 2019.  ISBN: 978-9943-6033-0-1

This translation is based on the Russian translation of V. Murav’ev and A. Kistjakovskij (thus "Jon Ronald Ruel Tolkin" instead of "John Ronald Reuel Tolkien" on the cover).  This is explained in the volume's introduction.  Starting in 1992, the government of Uzbekistan began the process of shifting the written Uzbek language from using a Cyrillic script (in use since 1940) to a Roman script.  The goal is to shift completely by 2023.  Part of that shift is increasing the use of the Uzbek language in works of literature that have previously only been available in Russian.  English is not a common second language in Uzbekistan, so translating from Russian is a more expeditious solution to the problem of increasing the availability of literature in Uzbek even when the original work is in English.

The map on the back cover is of Valinor, described in The Silmarillion, and not in LOTR.  Only FR has been published so far.

Hobbit (Uzbek [H]), purchased on-line from Retro Modern Treasures, Tashkent, on ebay in 2023 (hardback)

Tolkien, J.R.R. Hobbit, Yoxud Borib Qaytish. Translated by Shokir Zokirovich Dolimov. Ilm-ziyo-zakovat, 2019.  ISBN:  978-9943-5523-9-5

This translation is based on the Russian translation of V.A. Matorina.  This is explained above in more detail.