Links to On-Line Bookstores

The following on-line bookstores, second-hand sites, and business marketplaces have been useful in acquiring most of my collection. While there are other on-line bookstores and sites that I regularly peruse, I've restricted this list to just those that I've actually used. I've also excluded the big sites like Amazon, ABEBooks, and ebay. Some of these sites don't have English interfaces (I've marked those that I know do), but a generous application of Google Translate is usually sufficient to navigate those that don't. Making a purchase through a second-hand sales site usually involves emailing the seller directly and arranging a PayPal or Western Union purchase. Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal have been sufficient payment for about 90% of the purchases I've made on-line and overseas. Western Union suffices for the rest. Several of the sites also have the prices displayed in a choice of currencies including Euros and US Dollars.  My preferred express service is DHL.  National postal services usually take at least twice as long with occasional significant delays (up to five weeks) at U.S. Customs.  It may seem to be counterintuitive, but customer service in smaller countries off the beaten track is often exceptionally good. My experiences with sellers in Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bangladesh, Hungary, and Indonesia have been particularly noteworthy.  Notes on payment and purchasing procedures are based on my last interactions with the site, which may have been several years ago.

Ali & Nino. Baku, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani and Turkish editions with English interface.  Payment is through a PayPal link after exact shipping costs are calculated. (Azerbaijani, Azerbaijani [H], Turkish B)

Almedina. Coimbra, Portugual. European Portuguese editions. One of the few Portuguese on-line shops that don't require a VAT number to order on-line.  (Portuguese [European] B, Portuguese [European] [H] A, Portuguese [European] [H] B, Portuguese [European] [S])

Anticariat Academic.  Bucharest, Romania.  Romanian editions.  The order form only has Romanian in-country shipping options, so just select one of the options and when the owner sees your foreign address he'll write and make arrangements for payment and shipping.  (Romanian B, Romanian C)

Antikvariaat. Tartu, Estonia. Estonian editions with English interface and request feature. (Estonian A)

Antikvárium. Szeged, Hungary. Hungarian editions. International buyers don't get to pay right away from the website. Within a few days an employee in Szeged will get up-to-date shipping costs and send out an email with the final cost and a PayPal link. (Hungarian B, Hungarian D, Hungarian [S])

Astrolabija. Lviv, Ukraine. Ukrainian editions. (Ukrainian B)

Bland. Reykjavik, Iceland. Second-hand sales platform for Icelandic editions.  I have not seen any copies for sale for a long time. (Icelandic)

Bukinist. Tiranë, Albania. Albanian editions. (Albanian)

Buscalibre Internacional. Iberian peninsula editions with partially English interface. (Catalan A, Catalan C, Galician A, Galician B, Spanish D, Spanish E, Spanish [H] B, Spanish [S] B

The Dogears Bookshop.  Goa, India.  Bengali editions with a website in English.  The books are print on demand so it takes a couple of weeks between ordering and shipping.  (Bengali [Indian], Bengali [Indian] [H])

Ediciones Trabe.  Oveida, Spain.  Asturian editions.  (Asturian) Ljubljana, Slovenia. Slovenian editions. At the bottom right of the page there is a link in English "To our international customers" that is very informative. (Slovenian A, Slovenian B, Slovenian [H]) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnamese editions with English interface. (Vietnamese) Stockholm, Sweden. Farsi (Persian) and other Middle Eastern editions with English interface. Will get volumes directly from Tehran if they are out of stock. (Farsi, Farsi [H], Farsi [S], Albanian [H]) Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Sinhala editions with an English interface.  Includes a "Please notify when available" link.  (Sinhala A, Sinhala B)

Gucca A/S. Herning, Denmark. Danish editions.  (Danish B)

Gutenberg.  Kraków, Poland.  Belarusian editions.  (Belarusian B)

Hanbooks.  Los Angeles, California.  Korean editions. (Korean A, Korean B, Korean C, Korean [H] A, Korean [S], Korean [H] B)

Hobbithunter Bookshop. Zwolle, Netherlands.  Dutch and other European editions. (Dutch E, Frisian [H]) Riga, Latvia. Second-hand sales platform for Latvian editions. (Latvian)

Imbryk. Minsk, Belarus. Belarusian editions. There are two search bars at the top of the page (blank slots followed by an "OK" button).  Type "Tolkien" in the bottom one.  The on-line presence of Imbryk has been gone for several years.  Its present existence is unknown, but given the history of other bookstores in Lukashenko's Belarus it is probably closed. (Belarusian)

imusic. Risskov, Denmark. Northern European editions. (German A)

Indonesia Book Vendor. Surabaya, Indonesia. Indonesian editions with an English interface. (Indonesian)  Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  Mongolian editions.  (Mongolian)

Kinokuniya.  Bangkok, Thailand. Thai editions with an English interface.  (Thai A, Thai D)

Knihauka.  Warsaw, Poland.  Belarusian editions. Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Croatian and Serbian editions.  (Croatian C, Croatian [H] A, Croatian [S] A, Serbian D, Serbian [H], Serbian [S])

Knygų Klubas. Vilnius, Lithuania. Lithuanian editions. (Lithuanian A, Lithuanian B, Lithuanian [H], Lithuanian [S])

Líra Könyv Zrt.  Budapest, Hungary.  Hungarian editions.  (Hungarian E) Bratislava, Slovakia. Slovak and Czech editions.  On checkout, you have the option to round your amount due up to the nearest Euro as a donation to a children's charity in Slovakia.  You can also increase your donation.  They've also included a nice cloth book bag with the Martinus logo in every order I've received from them.  (Czech [H] B, Czech [S] B, Slovak A, Slovak B, Slovak C, Slovak [H], Slovak [S])

Meenabooks.  Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.  Thai editions.  (Thai B)

Njuškalo. Zagreb, Croatia. Second-hand sales platform for Croatian and Serbian editions along with other Tolkien memorabilia. (Croatian A, Croatian B, Serbian B)

Olniansky Books.  Sweden.  Yiddish editions with English interface.  (Yiddish B)

Pasajes Libería Internacional. Madrid, Spain. Many international editions

Primstaven.  Inderøy, Norway. Norwegian editions.  (Norwegian (Bokmål) B)

Protea Boekwinkel. Pretoria, South Africa. Afrikaans editions with English interface. (Afrikaans)

Rahva Raamat.  Tallinn, Estonia.  Estonian editions.  (Estonian B, Estonian C)

Rik & Rák. Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. Faroese editions with English interface. (Faroese)

Rinoceronte.  Cangas de Morrazo, Spain.  Galician editions.  (Galician C)

Rokomari. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bengali editions. (Bengali [Bangladeshi], Bengali [Bangladeshi] [H])

Saxo. Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish editions. (Danish A)

SC  Craiova, Romania.  Romanian editions.  (Romanian D)

Science Fiction Bokhandeln. Stockholm, Sweden. Swedish editions. Were not shipping to the United States in 2021. (Swedish A, Swedish D)

Second Life Books. Lanesborough, Massachusetts.  (Finnish, Hungarian F, Italian [H], Polish E, Thai [S])

Todocoleccion. Malaga, Spain. Second-hand sales platform for Iberian peninsula editions with English interface. (Basque A)

The Tolkien Shop. Leiden, Netherlands. A small shop that specializes in Tolkien books and memorabilia. Dutch and European editions with English interface. Several first editions in the catalogue. (Bulgarian A, Bulgarian B, Bulgarian C, Czech B, Dutch D, Dutch F, Dutch G, Dutch I, Dutch J, Dutch K, Dutch L, Dutch [H] A, Dutch [H] B, French A, Frisian, Portuguese [European] A)

Vatera. Budapest, Hungary. Second-hand sales platform for Hungarian editions with English interface. (Hungarian C)

Wook. Maia, Portugal. Portuguese editions. Most Portuguese on-line shops require a VAT number to make a purchase.  (Portuguese [European] C)

Zuzi Shop. Zagreb, Croatia. New and used Croatian and Serbian editions.  (Croatian [H] B, Croatian [S] B)