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I love order, so there are several lists of language links here: Titles of the translations in Unicode order, Languages in alphabetical order, Languages by language family (or Indo-European subfamily), and The Hobbit and The Silmarillion translations. The numbers in parentheses behind some language names indicate how many different editions that I own in that language. At the bottom of this page is a chart showing the different formats used to publish LOTR and which examples I have of each.


Norwegian: Bokmål [B], Nynorsk [N]; Bengali: Bangladeshi [B], Indian [I]


Language Families

Indo-European: Indo-Iranian

Indo-European: Miscellaneous







Isolates and Shallow Families

Other Tolkien Works

The following which are bound in LOTR volumes:

The following which is bound in a Hobbit volume:

The following edition is in two volumes: Korean [S]

Publishing Formats for LOTR

One Volume, including Hobbit: Russian A

Two Volumes (FR / TT + RK): Bulgarian B

Two Volumes (FR + TT 1 / TT 2 + RK): Russian J

Two Volumes (Appendices + FR / TT + RK): Russian L

Two Volumes, including Hobbit (H + FR / TT + RK): Russian G

Three Volumes, plus Appendices: Dutch E, German A, German F

Four Volumes (FR 1 / FR 2 / TT / RK): Georgian B, Sinhala (presumably)

Six Volumes (FR 1 / FR 2 / TT 1 / TT 2 / RK 1 / RK 2): Korean B

Six Volumes (FR 1 / FR 2 / TT 1 / TT 2 / RK 1 / RK 2), plus Appendices: Chinese [Simplified] D, Japanese B, Korean C

Nine Volumes (FR 1 / FR 2 / FR 3 / FR 4 / TT 1 / TT 2 / TT 3 / RK 1 / RK 2): Japanese A