First Editions

The following editions are the first editions of the first translation into their languages from my collection.  They are arranged in order based on the publication date.  This list only includes LOTR, although some of my Hobbit and Silmarillion editions are also first translations into their languages.

It is certainly not a coincidence that the pace of new translations increased radically after the release of the films starting in 2001.

This list is based on a variety of sources and might not be accurate in some regard.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with comments and corrections at

Dutch, 1957, this first edition was only printed once with 3000 copies

Պահապանները, Fellowship of the Ring (Armenian)

Armenian, 1989 (FR only)

Gredzenu Pavēlnieks, Lord of the Rings (Latvian)

Latvian, 2002-2004

Уладар Пярсьцёнкаў, Lord of the Rings (Belarusian)

Belarusian, 2008-2009, only 500 copies were printed

Master fan alle Ringen, Lord of the Rings (Frisian)

Frisian, 2011-2016 (FR and TT only)

මුදු වල අධිපතියා, Lord of the Rings (Sinhala)

Sinhala, 2018-2019 (FR in two volumes)

Uzuklar Hukmdori, Lord of the Rings (Uzbek)

Uzbek, 2019 (FR only)