Movie & TV Art

The release of the three LOTR films in 2001-2003 led to a surge in translation activity and the publishing of new editions of old translations.  Many of these editions published at and after that time featured "movie covers", stills from the films or concept art related to the films (by John Howe and Alan Lee).

In 2022, Amazon released a streaming series based on material from the Appendices of LOTR called Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.  It was only natural that publishers of LOTR used that series to sell LOTR, even though the events of the streaming series occurred thousands of years prior to the events of Hobbit and LOTR.  The covers have been controversial for that reason.  They are represented here by Hungarian E.

Albanian (pictured)

Catalan A (pictured)

Catalan B (pictured)

Dutch I, German F (pictured)

Estonian B (pictured)

Greek (pictured)

Icelandic B (pictured)

Serbian A (pictured)

Slovenian (pictured)

Uzbek (pictured)