Властители Колец

[Vlastiteli Kolets]

The other Russian translations have a slightly different title, Властелин Колец.

Властелин Колец, Lord of the Rings (Russian)

Властители Колец (Russian G), purchased on-line from dniprusha, Ukraine, on ebay in 2021 (hardback)

Tolkien, J.R.R. Властители Колец. Translated by Z.I. Bobyr’. Vol. 1. Molodaya Gvardyr, 1991. ISBN: 5-235-01946-6

———. Властители Колец. Translated by Z.I. Bobyr’. Vol. 2. Molodaya Gvardyr, 1991. ISBN: 5-235-01945-8

This is an older style two-volume edition of LOTR like Bulgarian B with FR in the first volume and TT and RK in the second volume. However, this edition also includes The Hobbit with FR in the first volume. This Russian translation has a different title than the other Russian translations, which is literally (using an old word for 'lord') "Lords of Rings".

As described in Mark T. Hooker's Tolkien Through Russian Eyes (2003), Bobyr's translation was originally a samizdat condensation from the mid-1960s that did not make it into print until 1990. This is the second edition of her translation (the first did not include The Hobbit). It is not well-respected by modern Russian translators, but at the time the samizdat was first circulated it was "a daring effort at making Tolkien available...to the Russian reading public" (pg. 18).